Autumn in Vienna

autumn in vienna

Autumn in Vienna. The delicate light of sun and a quite walk with my lovely husband were my sweet ingredients for a late Saturday of October. My dear Vienna, you are always so inspirational, especially in autumn when the nature is fiery and the air is still pretty warm and comfortable. We decided to take with us my […]

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Fall make up look

Fall Make up look vienna lifestyle blog fall outfit

Here I am again with my easy fall make up look, from day to night. On magazines, makeup trends of the period are intense warm eyes with dark lips. However, as makeup artist, I can assert that my clients ask me a more wearable makeup. In generally what I mostly like […]

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Autentico experience

Autentico vienna lifestyle blog

May I write something about pizza in Vienna? 😉 Like most Italians, pizza for me is a must (and a delicate topic  especially if we are living abroad…). I want to eat exactly the pizza I love otherwise I would be not satisfied: it is a real “matter of life or […]

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My in-flight survival kit

in-flight survival kit vienna lifestyle blog

Almost a month ago I flew to Los Angeles. It was my first really long flight I have ever done (12 hours) and I had to organize my luggage and beauty stuff for the next 2 weeks.  Contrary to the common idea that girls travel with a lot of useless things, […]

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My wedding chronicles

wedding in vienna lifestyle blog

I love bridal boudoir shoots and I am always glad to take part in buuuuuut personally I have never thought to be a good subject and I didn’t want at all to look like a sexy woman or, at least, to try to be. Simply because it is not me! The photographer […]

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