Valentina in shorts-lifestyle blog by Valentina Burigo

Ciao! Welcome to my blog!
“Valentina in shorts”
  is your inspirational Lifestyle and Travel Blog from Vienna, Austria. Hope you love it!

Behind “Valentina in shorts”…

there is me, Valentina!   I am an italian girl who moved to Vienna in 2012, after the Master´s degree in Architecture. Born in Belluno (Italy) and grown up surrounded by breathtaking Dolomites, now I live happily my dreams, following my passions. I am interested on travelling, architecture, photography, design, elegant jewelry, modern art. With my eclectic creative mind, I work as interior designer & stylist. If you want, check out also my official website.
My motto?  “Crederci sempre, mollare mai!” In other words, I believe that everything you want, can come true! It is up to you, trusting in your own energies and working hard with dedication and passion!

Photo:  Elena Azzalini Photography