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My favourite bags. As long as I can remember, I have always loved bags! They easily embellish any outfit, and there are so many possibilities for playing with them, many designs, colours and materials. Definitely they are not only an accessory!

Currently my favourite bags are cross-body bags. In many occasions I realized that smaller is better! Having a small bag can simply fit essentials looks, more chic and easier than a big tote bag. If you stay out more, for a evening for example, a cross body bag is always more appropriate because it gives you a touch of preciousness. As architect, even when I need my professional bag, I like to have a cross-body bag, for the same reason. It is definitely a must for me!
My Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. is probably my most worn and one of my favourite bags because it holds just the right stuff and the leather is durable for long-lasting wear. Easy to combine, it has a comfortable shoulder strap, even if with chain.
Another absolute favuorite of mine, is the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Bag, very lightweight with great leather, soft and resistant at the same time. The taupe colour is quite neutral and fits with many colours without being boring like the classic black.
When I want to wear something special, for a party or even without a special occasion, I choose my Patrizia Pepe Christmas limited edition small clutch, I bought in Italy two years ago. I receive always so many compliments! It is definitely glamour and particular. Even if the combination between grey glitters and blue leo printed fur could be a bit too much, I personally love it and I can enrich every outfit, even the most casual, like jeans and t-shirt.

As big bags, two absolutely favourite bags are my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and that Coccinelle black bag, I use for working. (I don´t remember the model) Both are quite boring and timeless at the same time. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, I think is one of the most popular and common bags but I still like it. When I bought it in Italy, its Damier print was not common and nowadays many still buy more the monogram version. I personally prefer the Damier print because it is more refined and easier to combine.
That Coccinelle bag is a old super favourite bag and I still use it because the leather is very soft and resistant. In it I can also pack my laptop and for this reason it is normally my working bag.

Which are your favourite bags? Which one would you suggest me?
Valentina ♥


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